Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Once Again, It's That Time

At 0400, I made my trip to the sofa. There is no reason for me to arise that early; it just happens.

I thought I would just check online, mail and FB and one thing lead to another and I was surfing the net for news, both world and local. More strife in Turkey. I wanted to find out what was going on as I kept getting clips of it on the TV but I was on the move lately and finally found the time to check it out. I posted a link from the Guardian to my FB page. I've read most of that article but posted it so I would have it to read again.

Today is chemo day. I know I've mentioned it in an earlier post. I have a few hours until my appointment. The first thing that will be done is a blood test to check my levels. If all goes well there, I will then visit with the oncologist and then be admitted to the outpatient area for the infusion. April and her laptop will sit beside me and my iPad. The nurses stop by to visit. We have a history together and I have worked with a few of them in the past.

The remainder of my day will be spent napping. I don't think it's the chemo but the fact that after getting up at 0400 hrs, I'll be ready to sleep this afternoon.

I've been watching the news reports on Michael Douglas and his throat/jaw cancer. I was amazed that it took so long for a doctor to find it and only after he went to Canada did a physician there detect it. Didn't someone here want to order a CAT scan and a PET scan? I'm confused about that part of his intervention/treatment.

I'm off to get a shower and drink something chilled. I won't be able to have anything cold for a while so I'll gulp a big glass of orange juice this morning and remove the remainder in the gallon jar from the fridge to the counter to let it warm up for this afternoon when I get home.

I'm gone.....have a great day..enjoy every hour..every minute..time is precious.

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