Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesday and Grocery Day

The sale papers arrived yesterday. The sales start today.
I peruse the papers, circling my needs with a yellow marker or sometimes transferring to a sheet of paper the name of the store and the sale item I'm interested in. It is less confusing when I make the list and follow it.

I'm watching the weather channel and the report on corn yields and the market price on feed corn and how it affects our food supply and the cost of what we are buying. I'm sure we are all aware we don't eat field corn but our beef, chicken and pork supply depends on it. If the price of field corn is high, it will be transferred to our meat  prices.

This means, I shop the sales and our menu depends on what is on sale. I would much rather do our shopping. The husband isn't as attentive to prices and sales as am I.

I want to get an early start this morning. The high is 93 and I don't tolerate heat well.

A short clinical note here: My stomach remains queasy. I am going to get some Pepcid today and try to remove the acid feeling. I ran the roads most of the day yesterday which keeps my mind occupied and distracted. If I sit around too much, I dwell too much.

I'm dressed and ready to go and that is my plan for today!

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