Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What to Do? When in doubt, go Shopping

During my early morning shower yesterday, an expected thing happened. I was facing the shower spray rinsing the shampoo out of my hair. Taking my hands, I ran them through my hair to help distribute the shower of water. I felt a veil on my face. Being abnormally fearful of bugs, I quickly swiped my hands over my face only to find my hands now had this veil on them. Hair. My hands were full of hair.

Losing hair is not a new event here. The difference is, there was so much more yesterday.

I'm going shopping. A blonde one day, a brunette the next, different lengths and different styles, I'm going to work it.

I might even like the "shiny head look"; a few scarfs, some hoop earring and a long colorful skirt paired with a white peasant blouse, I could dance in the streets of New Orleans and collect coins.

 Note to self: 1. learn to dance.

Today has been one week post chemo run. My stomach feels a bit better today and my throat is feeling much less sensitive to cold foods and fluids. My feet don't tingle when walking on the tile floors and yesterday I was caught in a spray of water as I was watering the garden and the flowers. No reaction at all.

I plan on being on the move today. I have to clean up the patio and the carport and put some tools away. The husband may be leaving the location tomorrow. I will have two days to clean up my mess. He won't be driving straight through but will get a hotel room on the way. I have plenty of time to clean up my tracks.

I'm going to put on a pair of raggedy shorts and t shirt and get outside to do some trimming with the weed eater before it gets hot.
I'm gone for a while!

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