Saturday, June 1, 2013

OK City is not OK

The husband received a call from  the coordinator that sets up the jobs and calls out the consultant and alerts them of a job that is "up" and to get prepared. He lives in Oklahoma City and this is how it went last night.

He has an app on his phone that sends out a warning when a tornado is eminent. He received the warning. It hit 30 minutes later.

Receiving the warning, he left his apartment building in his truck to look for shelter. Heading North was not an option so he turned south only to be informed via his app a tornado was on the ground there also.
The traffic was too much so he turned back and arrived at his apartment. Leaping from his truck, he dashed into his building just as his truck was picked up, spun around and slammed engine first into his apartment building. The damage is extensive. Hail damage pock marks the entire vehicle.

Pipe that was in the yard and used on the rigs is now a mangled mess, what can be found. Much of it is scattered around the city. I can imagine all the oil field equipment, pipes, pumps and other rig supplies that are indigenous to that area, being picked up and hurled through the air.

There is no electrical power, it's hot and humid. The husband invited this coordinator to head this way. We have plenty of room and plenty of air conditioning.

We know all about loss of electrical power and humid conditions after a storm. It's a miserable time.

Our hurricane season starts soon. We get a week's notice should one blow up and head our way. Tornadoes aren't so accommodating to the people in their paths. I'll take our hurricanes any time.

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