Friday, June 7, 2013

Best Plans

I thought I would be up and about yesterday, not succumbing to the chemo run I had on Tuesday. I was sure I would be able to continue along on my normal routine so I made a date with April and Carrie to go shopping, have lunch and then to the movies. I stayed in bed until noon. I was just exhausted and sleepy.

I assumed that would be enough rest. It wasn't. We shopped, had lunch and then to the movies as planned. I felt so bad all I wanted to do was to get home and into bed.

The neighbors stopped by with a plate of food. I managed to make it to the door wrapped in a blanket and accept their offering though I had to turn down a visit so I could crawl back on the bed and sleep.

Neuropathy remains evident in my hands. My lips feel numb also. This is the third run of this chemo. I'm wondering, with these side effects, will it be changed to something else? The throat still feels closed up when drinking or eating solids.

I'm back to bed for a while.

Addendum: I phoned in to the clinic. They have 3 nurses on staff that man the helpline telephones. These nurses are there to take calls from patients regarding what is going on with them. I called and spoke with them about all the symptoms:
1. fingers on right hand float into strange positions.
2. calves of legs sore
3. lips feel stiff ..
4. nausea
5. tired and sleep all day

She said she would speak to the physician's assistant to assure me that there was nothing critical to be concerned about. I will report in again next week with the status of these symptoms.

She did say that the effects of this chemo is cumulative. Each time I get a dose, I might feel different as it builds up in the body. I thought I would be able to continue on my normal routine after this run but that proved to be a fallacy.

I have three more runs of this before I change to another. Knowing what to expect, I won't become so depressed when I have to rest more. It's normal and that's what I needed to know.
Hanging in's my only choice.

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