Thursday, June 6, 2013


The husband just left for Kansas. Am I worried? Well HELL yes! He is heading right into tornado alley. I will be very concerned until he finishes that job. He thinks it will take a full week and if the job comes up in west Texas, he will move to that one before coming home.

I had my chemo yesterday and the yesterdays post was about my reactions to it. Another thing I've noted is the loss of dexterity to my right hand. I remember thinking at the clinic it felt strange and the RN asking me if I had noticed in difficulty in buttoning clothes or doing things that required using my hands to pick up small objects, etc. I didn't have any problems until this time. It seems that this time I'm more sensitive to cold and walking across my tile floors in bare feet will set my soles to tingling. My throat reacts to anything I swallow. It feels as though there are scratchers lining each side of it and it drags on liquids or foods that I eat. I dread putting anything into my mouth because of this.

I'm dressed and making myself move. It would be so easy to climb back into bed and stay there the remainder of the day but I won't be caving into that desire. The more I move the better I will be. Proven fact!
I'm off to get showered and dressed. That's my update on the chemo run this week. The next time I go in, I will be getting an infusion to replace the oral meds I am taking. Same medicine but in infusion form and I'm hoping my insurance company pays for it. The infusion of Oxalplatin is 23,000.00 per run. That is totally ridiculous! I've already had 3 runs of it plus the three rounds of Xeloda at 5000.00 per run. Tell me the drug companies are making a fortune. I can understand why they are fighting so hard against Obama's "Affordable Health Care".

Before I climb upon that soap box, let me move away from this area and get a shower.
Happy, happy, happy...from Uncle Sy and Carrie.

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  1. Have a good day baby..keep that picture up..i love it


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