Saturday, June 22, 2013

Round 4....

It's about this time I start getting anxious. This coming Tuesday will be another chemo day. This one will be a little different then the previous three runs. Instead of having the Xeloda that I take in pill form, they will start an infusion of 5FU in addition to the Oxilaplatin. I don't know if they will run them together or separately but I'll get a loading dose of the 5FU and then the remainder will be put into a small purse size pump that I will wear halter style around my neck or by a belt around my waist. This will pump 5FU continuously over 22 hours. We are switching to this route believing that the insurance company will pay for the chemicals in this form. Keepin my fingers crossed on this maneuver....

I will eat a Klonopin before the treatment starts and another one at the end. That steroid makes me jittery and shakey. This time I will be ready for it. Let's hear a big shout out for Klonopin, my friendly Klonopin. (I sound like a hardened drug user here).

I know I've mentioned the heat as I do every summer. The weather forecaster says it's "time to move outside"....and I say, "Why the hell would I want to give up my pleasantly air conditioned house for a stint in the hot and very humid outside?"

I've noticed lately those misters that surround the exterior edge of the outdoor eating places here. The first time  I saw them was years ago Arizona. The strip malls have them and as you stroll the sidewalks, the mist provides a cooling fine spray over the shoppers. They have finally arrived here though not in great quantities yet.

We have a new Mexican food place here in town and finally, one that is worth patronizing. It's a busy, busy place and the prices are reasonable. Every corner here has a new building going up. More banks, restaurants and apartment buildings are springing up. Houses too, are booming. Construction workers and painters flood the local mini marts that offer cold beer and hot chicken at 1700 hrs. You can gauge the industries represented by being in one of the stores at "closing time" marking the end of their work day.

The husband is still in Midland. I want him home. Too many people have been killed on that rig he is on. Night before last a worker had his foot crushed and a rig down the road from them claimed another life of a young man. Safety measures are non existent on that rig. There isn't an supervision on site. The husband gets text messages from the supervisor he never sees.

Something fell out of the derrick a few days ago. The crew was gathered on the "floor" when something came plunging down to the rig floor. No body was hurt but my question is "Is it part of the rig that came apart? and if that is the case, when is the derrick folding in?"

The husband thinks he will be finished up by Monday and be on his way home. It can't be soon enough. Every "boom" this happens. Inexperienced people can get a job on a rig and those new workers are unaware of the dangers of rig work. The number of incidents of injuries skyrocket. The experienced hands know to watch everything going on but being around those newbies can be dangerous to your own well being. 

I must get a move on. Going back to sleep sounds attractive but only because I have sat still way too long.

I'm up and moving as soon as I close this laptop down.

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