Sunday, June 30, 2013

Plan B is Not an Option

The husband made a trip to Houston last week to meet with the new owner of the company that keeps him employed.

Norm has just recently bought the company. Again. He started this company over 5 yrs. ago and after owning it for 3 yrs. and building up a clientelle, he sold it for 10 million dollars and took a break from the work force. Part of the contract he signed when selling the company forbid him to start up a new one offering the same services. He waited. His contract expired and he bought the company back again and is now getting ready to kick it off again. The husband was employee 01 when Norm started it the first time. The husband was the first employee in the United States for this Canadian based company.  He was heavily recruited for his knowledge in the field and his client contacts here in the USA.

Along with this change in leadership, the husband was offered a healthy increase in pay and expenses. They want to make sure he sticks around. 

Through the years, though contact with Norm has been through the coordinators, messages have been delivered showing appreciation for his commitment to this company.

Norm is aware of my condition. He encouraged the husband to take all the time he needed to attend to my needs. He has offered an administrtive position to the husband to make his hours more regular during this time.  You see, Norm and his wife have recently walked the same path we are on right now.

During his meeting with the husband, he shared his story. His wife was diagnosed with lung cancer. Surgery and chemo followed. Part way through the treatment, she wanted to throw in the towel. The side effects were too much for her. Norm said to her "Plan B is not an option." There was only one thing to do and she did it. She finished her chemo just in time to support him when his diagnosis of prostate cancer  was received. Again surgery and chemo.

Plan B is not an option. When it's time for  my next chemo run, I'll do this chant. "Plan B is not an option."

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