Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Steroids and Roid Rage

The visit with the doctor went well. We got more infomation on what was to come. When this six months is up, I''ll have another six months of AGGRESSIVE chemo. I nodded as she said this and I knew what this meant. That chemo will wipe out WBC's, platelets and RBC's. I''ll be sick on thiis one and the least of it will be the loss of hair, eyebrows and eyelashes.

April has a plan for my bald head. She wants to use it for ads, sayings, jokes, etc. I'm listening to her proposal and it might add some fun to an otherwise grim six months. Of course the stuff will be washable and even some temporary tattoos stating, of course "I hate tattoos" or Tattoos are dangerous, Look what they did to my head." I'm sure April's twisted mind will generate better things for my head then I ever could compose.

Now to the Roid stuff. I get a heavy dose of Decadron to combat nausea at each chemo run. It is infused before the chemo. The last time I had chemo three weeks ago, I had forgotten how I felt when I got home. I was ready to climb the walls. I was on Skype with my nurse friend Kathy and she could see how I was behaving. Immediately she asked where the Klonopin was and instructed I take one immediately. Within 20 minutes I had started to lose the jitters and calm down a bit.

  • Today was not a good day. Again I felt my throat start to spasm and I knew what was coming. I was in the business office; April had went to get the car. The first thing that showed was my right hand. The fingers on it were not in alignment and I couldn't get my hand to flatten out. The RN had me sit down again and wait. I assured her I was fine, April was ready to escort me to the business office. I felt the jitters and the shakes. The business office is not accustomed to patients paying after treatment so usually it's difficult to find someone there during lunch hour. To make a long story short on this subject, it became a bit tense in that office and my anxiety level, already stimulated by the steroid Decadron, set me into a spin. April had went to get the car after asking me if I felt alright. She didn't believe me when I told her I was fine but she left anyway. Shortly after that my throat started spasming and I immediately clamped my hands over my mouth and nose and started breathing warm air into them and inhaling it. The   billing person called for the RN's and they arrived with warmed blankets and towels. Of course I was held for observation, while someone went to the front of the hospital to bring April in.

We waited for a while in the treatment room per doctors' orders.  As soon as I got home, I swallowed a Klonopin and waited for it to do it's thing. Eventually I was able to relax enough to take a nap.

I'll carry the Klonopin in my purse on my next chemo day and take it about half way through the infusion

That's my day. How was yours?.

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