Saturday, June 29, 2013

Goodbye Xeloda

I did my Tuesday. "My Tuesday" otherwise known as chemo day, is now in the past and the side effects are current. I seldom communicate with anyone on the days following my infusion. I usually want to crawl into bed and ignore the world.

The 5FU was started this time. They did a bolus via a small bag that was infused over 15 minutes then hooked up the CADD pump, nestled it into a fanny pack like thing and secured it around my waist with a belt. I pulled my shirt over it and then ignored it for the 44 hrs. it had to be in place.

I much prefer this method then taking the pills for two weeks. The pump was placed on Tuesday afternoon and disconnected on Thursday morning at 01000hrs.

The sensitivity to cold things is much decreased. The reason being, with the infusion 5FU, the dosage had to be decreased on the Oxiliplatin. My hands still tingle and my throat still has spasms if I get in contact with cold liquids but it is not as intense as in previous infusions.

Two more trips or two more rounds and I'll be switched to something new for another 6 months. The doctor has ordered a breast ultrasound on July 11th. This signals to me a surgery might be in my near future. She hasn't really voiced whether the surgery will be after this first 6 rounds of chemo. I'm surmising the next two rounds completed and the surgery will be scheduled.

My neighbor just had her lumpectomy yesterday and the lump was noted as being the size of a golf ball. This woman just had a mammo last year that showed clear. One would think it would take more time for a tumor to get to be the size of a golf ball?

This makes me wonder if it was there on the last exam but overlooked. I know the yearly exams are the best we have for early detection but it still makes me question the accuracy of the tests we take.

It's raining. I would be really excited about the drop in temperature but I know that isn't going to happen. The sun is going to appear in all it's summer fury and heat up that wet ground causing intolerable humidity.
Death Valley is predicted to be 130 degrees....what global climate change?

I'll be in the house enjoying the air conditioning should you need me.

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