Sunday, June 16, 2013

And The Days Roll on By

It appears that I may appear as a slacker. I haven't posted in days and days. I've been busy.

Boring stuff has been going on around here. The husband and his truck returned intact. No hail damage or tornado touches, he did stay overnight in the town in Oklahoma that was devastated by the tornado a few weeks ago. Fema was evident; cars were being towed with warnings to the owners to either get them or they would be towed to crushers. He photographed the hospital close by the road, the entire top floor gone except for the metal beams that supported the structure.

Since he has been home, he has begun replacing the soffit and fascia boards on this house. It won't be done overnight but in spurts; between jobs and between rain showers. HardiPlank is going up. Cement infused material that won't rot. Home upkeep is definetly a labor of love...and one that keeps on giving.

I'm sitting on the front stoop, laptop on the little glass table, sipping my coffee and listening to the sprinkler as it drops water onto the edge of the roof in part of it's rotation cycle. The flower beds look great even in this heat. Right now it's a pleasant 70 something degrees. The ferns in the planters across the front of the house are finally full and lush. The husband's green thumb is evident. He repotted them for me a few weeks ago. They have now doubled in size.

I used to walk with my grandmother around her  yard every morning. She would inspect each flower and bush on this walk. I now understand the pleasure she received from her morning meanderings. As a child, I looked on this as boredom. As an adult, I relish the peace she must have felt on this journey.
Today is the last day of the Xeloda; at least for the upcoming week. I'm on it for two weeks and off for a week. The next visit to the oncologist, should have me switching from Xeloda to 5FU. The same chemical but in a different form. I'm hoping that if it's infused, my insurance company will cover the cost. The Xeloda is not covered and it's 5000.00 a month to fill the prescription. Thus far, the clinic has supplied me with 3 months of it for a savings of 15000.00. I have 3 more months on this stuff. If I switch to infusion 5FU, I will wear a Cadd pump, the size of a mini iPad, in a halter type purse around my neck. It will be injecting the medicine into my mediport. I must call the doctor this week to make sure she orders the infusion as she will be having me see the physician's assistant next visit and it will demand a doctor's order to change the route of the chemical.
In the medical field, it's everyone's job to check; preventive measures to ward off failures or gaps in patient care.
On a more positive note, I spoke with brother Bob and Joe. They call often to check on me. Both seem to be doing fine; both busy with their jobs and no major health problems to report for which I'm grateful. An old friend from the past was also contacted. Roger E. who lives in the same town as brother Bob and is now one of Bob's lawn clients, enjoyed a nice long chat via phone. Roger has had some major, major health issuses and it was great to hear his voice and know that he was still among us.
It's medicine time and I've just consumed my boiled egg on a slice of toast to prepare my stomach for the avalanche of medicines I'm about to pour into it. Not having an empty stomach helps.
I'm off to do some more boring house stuff. I'm sorting my clothes.....stacking to the right all the "best" stuff..and to the left all the "you look like a rag muffin, cleaning the house, washing the car, and painting" stuff. I'm going to do a little pitching out ..much needed task and that should keep me in the closet all day!
Have a great Sunday.

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