Sunday, June 9, 2013

Stormy Weekend

I've spent most of this weekend doing nothing. I've been resting; it was mandatory. I'm hoping today is a day of activity for me. I don't want to hike a mountain or swim in the ocean. Going to Walmart and picking up a few groceries and other supplies would be enough of an accomplishment. If I feel really brave, I might try a trip across town to Sam's. You would think that this meant walking instead of just driving a car and getting in and out of the damn thing.

The husband left for Kansas a couple of days ago. The rig is having some problems so he is catching some free days right now. He calls a couple of times a day to check on me. Right now besides being tired a lot, the other complaint is the queasy stomach. I'm sure this will pass in a few more days. Tuesday will be a  week since the last chemo run and usually it takes about 8 days before I can drink cold fluids and touch anything cold with my hands and feet.

This coming week, I am going wig shopping. Just to get an idea of what's out there. I might opt for a scarf and big earrings or a baseball cap. I want to be mentally prepared for the next part of this journey and though it will still about three more months before I reach this part of the treatment.

Have I mentioned the garden? The husband has tried for years to grow vegetables. I've waited all those years for a bright red tomato to emerge. I absolutely love warm tomatoes from the garden. I could slice a few of them and eat only tomatoes every day.

Finally, the year of the garden is here. All that money poured into the previous gardens only to watch the tomatoes get too much water or not enough, this year's garden is fabulous!  The plants are huge. Squash plants balloon out and cover the center part of the garden with their huge leaves. The tomato plants are drooping with the weight of the green tomatoes hanging from them. I have already collected one ripe tomato. Squash,cucumbers and tomatoes..this garden is a success story. This can be attributed to the fact that the husband has been home for the past 3 months. His job has been slow so he has had time to instigate an irrigation system and keep it watered. Rain has been frequent which has helped. As he left town for this job, he cautioned about letting the garden die so each morning I wade through the wet grass in my stocking feet to check on it. We have had light sprinkling of rain daily so I havn't had to water it. The big fake owl what sits high on a metal pipe placed squarely in the middle of the garden watches over it for birds and squirrels. The temperature gauge points out the temperature in large red letters and the little picket fence gives the cucumbers a place to climb. Stepping stones surround the perimeter buried in a mulched walk way that gives access to the whole garden. The husband was meticulous in his garden planning. No mud has to be waded to get around in his area. I don't want to tally up the cost of this little hobby. I'll just enjoy the tomatoes and be grateful this garden is doing so well. 

I'm off to get dressed and get some things done before the sun rises and smothers us with heat and humidity.

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