Monday, June 10, 2013

Radiator Love

It's late. I'm tired. This will be a very short post. The husband is still in Kansas. He calls at least twice a day to check on me. Sometimes the conversations are short as he is on the job and busy.

I ordered a radiator for Elise's car, the Toyota. The Toyota used to be mine until Elise took it over a couple of years ago. Lately it had sprung a leak and Lessie (Elise) had been babying it along by putting in antifreeze frequently.

The plan was to start working on it this afternoon. I would buy the part and Elise would supply the friend that was to show up and work on it. Early this morning I pulled the radiator out of the car and then ran down to Advance Auto Parts to pick up the radiator. I had it in the car and almost all hooked up. I was having trouble with the lower hose getting the clamp in place. Her friend showed up and finished the hose and putting in a few more screws. I wanted to use my steam cleaner on the engine but it didnt' get done. The next time I have that car here, I'll clean it.

I'm about to drift off here. I keep backspacing to clean up my typos so it must be time for me to climb into my bed.

That's my update for today. Night....

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