Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Chemo run #4 and 5FU being started Today

The best part of this announcement is I'm over half way there on this chemo. Two more runs after today then 6more months of a different chemo. I haven't been told what it will be but only that it will be aggressive. This makes me nervous.

I have a bottle of Klonopin in my purse. I'll take one about half way through the infusion to combat the Decadron that is run along with the chemo. The Decadron is to combat nausea but it causes me to be jittery. I get emotional on chemo day.

The husband made it in last night. I tried to talk him into getting a motel room in Houston but he opted to drive those 4 hours and get in by midnight. He has house repairs planned. The soffits and fascia boards are  being replaced around this house. I would have planned this job in early spring or late fall. I'm not a fan of working in this heat.

I'm off to get a hour of sleep before getting ready to make that trip.

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