Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Tuesday, Nothing Special, Nothing Bad..

The bus stop looked like a "welcome home" party for Carrie. Yesterday afternoon, not only Carrie's mom..but her brother and I was at the bus stop. We all got there way early to wait for the  bus. No chance of Carrie missing us. Our vehicles were lined up on the street facing the bus's path.

Carrie came home with me and we took a "snack" break and then got immediately into her homework. I made some flash cards and we went over the words she is to learn. She has 6 words a day to study, her name to print using capital letters and small and "no flying letters" meaning her letters have to sit ON the line.

Another 20 minutes was spent reading to her and quizzing her on comprehension of what was read and then outside for some fun in the sun. I had to water the grass seeds; Carrie was going to help water the flowers. We ended up having a water battle with the water hoses we held in our hands. After getting thoroughly soaked, we stripped off our clothes on the patio in the back and raced for the shower.

Our evening ended at 0730 being in bed for a little television. Soon I doused the lights and within a few minutes Carrie's even breathing told me she was asleep. Another few minutes and I had slipped away too.

0300 hrs and I am awakened by Carrie's strident voice calling for me. I sat up in bed and called for her. She came back into the bedroom accusing me of leaving her. Firmly I told her I had not left the bed and to get back in here and go to sleep.

Three A.M. is too early to be arguing with her. She climbed back up into bed and spent the next 5 minutes getting settled in again and the blankets adjusted. She went back to sleep. I didn't. I think I dozed for another hour then gave up and headed for the coffee pot.

I may need a nap today and I have the whole afternoon to indulge myself. I don't want Carrie to be any more lethargic then she usually is in the afternoon from lack of sleep. She remains in bed as I type this but I expect any moment to find her standing at my elbow while fussing at me about leaving her in bed.

We are still experiencing record breaking temperatures here. I'm still hiding out in the house. September might find me doing the same thing. I'll be sweating while the north will be enjoying snow flakes, icy roads and heavy clothing. Maybe it isn't so bad here huh?

I'm off to fix some breakfast for Carrie and get her ready for school.
Should the weather break and we get temperatures lower then 97 degrees by 0900, I'll be back to report our good fortune. Don't hold your breath.

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