Sunday, August 14, 2011

Slap Your Mama

Tomorrow April will take Carrie to be registered for kindergarten. April will meet the teacher that will be influencing Carrie for most of her waking hours five days a week.

I'm  not only NOT happy but today as I returned Carrie back to her house the tears flowed.

Carrie is five years old, soon to be six on October 8th. She is a precocious 5  yr old that has spent most of her life around adults as her siblings are 11 yrs older and 15 yrs old respectively.

One would think that Carrie would be spoiled to the point of being an obnoxious child. Such is not the case and that's no thanks to me and her Poppy. As her grandparents, I'm afraid we are terribly indulgent of what she wants. Her mother can be credited with setting limits and making sure Carrie knows her perimeters.

What's the problem you might ask? Peers are the problem. Carrie hasn't developed a shell to ward off cruelties that children can be so capable of hurling.  How will she react to ugliness? Will she be crushed?
I'm afraid this little girl is about to get an education  that has nothing to do with the alphabet.

This past spring she was enrolled in a T Ball group. I made every one of those games with her. One little girl singled her out and would quietly sneak close to her and make mean comments to her. There wasn't any reason for this little girl's behavior. She had never seen Carrie before this. "I don't like you. Go away, I don't want to play with you." These comments came Carrie's way. I slipped up to this little girl and what I wanted to say was, "You say another word to her and I'll go beat up your mama."

I'm basically a pacifist. Force is not my forte. Carrie would drop her head and back away. I'm sure she was confused. I became "dugout mom" and from this position, I could direct who was first out on the field and the little bully was directed to hit the field first. By the time she ran all the bases, Carrie would be up to bat and on the field through all the bases. The bully was isolated from her.

I've heard that teachers appreciate volunteers to help with their classes. I'm moving from 'dug out mom' to 'teachers' helper'. The pay sucks. Being a "bully monitor" will have it's own rewards. I'm not afraid to smack your mama should it be needed. Don't push me. I'm in commando mode. 


  1. You will love being a teachers helper.....I did it, and all the kids was so nice and polite...I had a blast!They never did anything to my granchild...maybe because they knew I was watching them...Heck...he was the favorite in the class..if you know what I meaan..just saying

  2. Charlotte Ann, they gotta learn somewhere, sometime otherwise it is going to be a long and miserable life. I suspect if she is much like her grandma she will do just fine.

  3. Buffalo: Thanks..I think...Makes me sad to know she will need to become not so trusting of everyone..not so accepting of everyone. She has no caution with people. She expects everyone to like her and laugh with her. So sad to watch her have to . eventually develop a shield to survive. I know you're right...still makes me teary though.

  4. I look on it as a positive. The ability to survive is no mean skill.


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