Saturday, August 27, 2011

MIA Carrie

Here's what I was told.

It's Friday afternoon, the last day of school for this week and it's almost time to collect Carrie from the bus stop. This bus stop is one block up and 1/2 block over from where Carrie lives. Her house isn't visible from where she gets off this bus.

As time neared for her to get to her stop, the daughter picks up her purse and looks for her keys. Stressed about not finding them immediately, she eyes the clock and notes she still has time. Finally car keys in hand she races for her Jeep. As she starts her drive up the incline of the road she notes the bus passing. It has arrived early.

With her heart in her mouth, she glances down the street; there is no Carrie at the bus stop. 

The daughter is now chasing the bus down the street while weeping loudly. Eventually the bus driver notes the wild woman racing her bus and pulls over. Carrie moves from her seat and walks to the  door to greet her mother. They walk to the Jeep.

Thinking Carrie would be frightened, the daughter was understandably hysterical only to find Carrie unconcerned about missing her stop. After seeing her mother's anxiety, Carrie tears up.

When asked why she didn't get off the bus, she says, "I didn't see anyone I knew waiting for me."

Last year a child got off the bus at the wrong stop and 4 hours passed before he was found. I can only imagine the panic that parent was experiencing.

Arrangements have been made with the mother of another child at the same stop in the event that timing is off on the bus schedule. Our biggest fear is that Carrie might get off at the wrong bus stop too someday.

I'm surprised the drivers on the bus don't have a list with designated stops for the kindergarteners. Maybe a cell phone in her book bag charged daily and only called at the time she is to be discharged from the bus could be used?

Are we over reacting to this glitch this early in her school year? I say, we wait until she is a teenager and then send her to school with driver's license and her own car but then I know I'm a bit overproctective.

We start over again next week. I hate kindergarten already. It's going to be a long 9 months.

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