Friday, August 19, 2011

Kindegarten is not for The Weak...

"Nana, if you divorce Poppy, you can come and live in my room with me and you can get me up for school every morning." I looked at Carrie and wondered if this was anxiety about her upcoming date with kindergarten. I gave her a hug and told her I would be at her doorstep to take her to her school along with her mom. This seemed to pacify her. The big day finally arrived.

We survived our first day of kindergarten. I'm talking, April and I. Carrie, of course was ready, willing and excited about going.

Here we are getting ready for our trip to the school.

We had a lot to take with us. School supplies bought in bulk. Did someone say education was free? The best thing about this is that uniforms are worn. How did we go to school and not be required to appear with bags of paper towels, two boxes of crayons, 40 number 2 pencils, sharpeners, nap pad, snacks and the list goes longer but that's all I can remember when I scanned it.

We were allowed to stay with her for an hour while the teacher oriented the parents to the
notebooks and the things that would be sent home with her. Read, read and read to her was part of
the instructions. She never said a word when we had to leave. We left her with strangers. She didn't know anyone there and April and I were more frightened about that then Carrie.

Around noon April went back to the school and stood across the street to watch the playground. I told her they had names for adults that did that. Not only did she go for noon playtime but again on her recess. Carrie was playing with the other little girls and at the end of recess, she and another little girl walked back to the building together.

At 1515hrs we were standing at the bus stop waiting for her.
She made a dash to her mother and after a big hug, she headed for me.

We checked her over for lash marks and bruises. We questioned her on what she thought about school. No reports of abuse so I suppose we will have to let her go back on Monday.

Carrie didn't go to preschool. The only people that she has stayed with has been either me or a few other family members. We might be a little over protective of her? Maybe but, I trust few people these days. Too many horror stories are broadcast about children and sometimes from their own families these stories originate.

When asked about her day, she answers our questions but the bubbling of chatter is not what I thought it would be. She offers information in bits and pieces. Maybe it's too much newness for her to assimilate all at once.

Thursday was orientation and today she didn't have to return. Monday will start her first full week.

She did say when she got off the bus "I can't read yet"....
I told her we didn't expect her to yet. It would be soon though. She wants to read. I want her to. If you can read well, you can do anything. At least that's what I've always drilled into April and her children and what I believe.

More reports to follow..I'm sure!  

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