Thursday, August 4, 2011

Early Morning Chores

Carrie spent the night and it appears as though we have misplaced the remote control for the television in the bedroom where we slept so the TV is spitting out news information while Carrie sleeps on.

I think the Ambien I took last night would have kept me asleep for a few more hours had not the sound and flickering of that TV not pulled me to the surface of my sleep and then all the way out of it. My brain wants to be awake, if only my eyes would cooperate.

Carrie will go home as soon as she wakes. The hubby has a doctor's appointment this morning and I will be accompanying him and Carrie won't. She wanted to go along but Doctor's office can be boring especially if the wait turns into hours.
This must be the month to see the doctors. I just had my GYN visit last week and now all the tests he ordered have been scheduled so I will spend this month getting those. Now--the dentist needs to do his 6 month check up and cleaning for both the husband and myself. I'm sure the doctor the husband is seeing today will want to order tests on him and I need to see a family practice doctor to manage the blood pressure medications I will be taking.

Finally, it's time to take something for my blood pressure. I try to take no more then one pill prescribed but I think those days are gone. This will be prescription number 2. I don't really count the Ambien as it's my choice on whether I want to take it or not and most of the time I don't.

up close view
 It is almost 0600 hrs. here and it's time for me to find the water hose and water the bare spots of ground that dot the front yard. I'm waiting for something to poke it's head up from that soil. When this happens, it will signal that our grass seeds have decided to be stalks of grass and we can continue on another section of the yard. I want to get this done before next Monday. The husband leaves for Oklahoma on Tuesday and there goes the "help". Had it not been for this scheduled appointment with the doctor, he would have been already gone. 

Though the temperatures here have been hovering around 105 WITH the heat index, he is anxious to get back out there and go to work. Me? I would wait until fall. I've been tolerating this summer really well. I'm outside in the morning when it's dark and then another trip out in the evening when it's dark. My solution to this heat of August is to totally ignore it. It's nice and dark and cool beneath that fan in my bedroom. The remote control clutched in my hand, I surf the channels on the television or grab my laptop for some online reading. I see fall at the end of this tunnel and that's my goal. 

My fall is still months away. December is nice and usually comfortable. With a little luck, maybe November might even have cooled down enough to spend time outdoors. It is what it is and  my bitchin about it has never changed the fact that I'm gonna sweat in the summers here. 

Before the temperatures rise more then what they are right now,which is still too hot for me, I'm off to water the still bare patches of dirt and hope for grass to show up soon.

And to think, I didn't want pets or animals to have to be feeding. Hopefully this is a temporary arrangement. I'll quickly ignore this grass as soon as it makes' it's appearance.

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