Thursday, August 4, 2011

Visit One, The Trip Has Begun.

And there we sat. The waiting room was crowded but I hardly noticed. I had the iPad and I could sign on to the Internet so waiting for the Doctor to see us wasn't as boring as usual.

I was a little nervous about this doctor's visit. The specialist I chose was a doctor I've worked with many times and he has a wonderful reputation for knowing what he is doing though he lacks a lot in the "bedside" manner part of his practice. I can deal with that. He knows what he is doing and for that I'll deal with his lack of humor.

The insurance we have is "catastrophic" coverage meaning it pays for yearly exams and blood work and inpatient and outpatient surgeries. Having to pay for an inpatient surgical procedure would be catastrophic. Seeing a specialist  is not covered and neither is any procedures he orders so I wanted to make it clear that I wanted to have the husbands' gallbladder tested. Some doctors are not receptive to a patient specifying what they want so I was a bit nervous about this visit.

He was in agreement with having the gallbladder checked first before proceeding with any other tests. I was relieved. An ultra sound of the abdomen will rule out gallstones. If stones are found, the tests will end there and the gallbladder will be removed. Should no stones be found, a Heida Scan with ejection/fraction will be done to determine if the gallbladder is ejecting an adequate amount of bile into the intestine.

We have scheduled this for the 15th of this month with the option to cancel and reschedule this appointment should the husband be on a job. We are on a path now to correct the gastro problem the husband has been enduring for the past three years.

As soon as that visit was over, we headed for CiCi's Pizza for lunch then to the casino for a few hours. Again the iPad was along to keep me company while the husband played blackjack. I sat in the lounge and sipped on coffee, read a book I have downloaded to the Kindle reader on the iPad. Occasionally the locals sitting around would strike up a conversation with me or I would sit and listen to their conversations with the bartender. The local talk was about the theatre group in Franklin and the play that was being performed this evening. I had no idea there was a theatre group in Franklin nor how often they put on a performance. I might have to check it out and make a drive there for one of their plays.

3 hours  of blackjack later  and the husband found me in the lounge hangin with the natives. I grabbed my iPad and purse and followed him to the truck. I was ready to go home; to the home I left this morning at 0930.  I'm never gone this long from home unless I'm spending the night somewhere.

Carrie called soon after we got back so another trip was made to collect her. We are now in for the night. She is playing games on the iPhone, I'm on the laptop and the husband is browsing in the refridgerator for food. He will be disappointed. I browsed earlier and there wasn't a thing in there.

Tomorrow is planned. A trip to the grocery store is mandatory. Right now I'm going to take an Ambien trip to sleepland. We'll do this again real soon. I'm done! 

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