Friday, August 26, 2011

Ending into September

Ta DA! Carrie has finished up her first full week of school. She still can't read. Maybe we are expecting too much too soon, Carrie and I.

She spent the night. Bathed and in bed by seven and asleep by eight, she was up  without me going into the bedroom to wake her. She appeared at 0600 hrs. and found the hubby and I on the patio having a cup of coffee.

The only time I slinked into the oven heat of the outdoors was to take Carrie to her bus and watch her board. I did make one other stop and that was to Shoneys' for coffee with the daughter and her friend that was in town for a visit. The friend was heading home today and Shoney's was close to the entrance ramp to the interstate.

Another record breaking day today. We watch as Hurricane Irene heads up the Atlantic seaboard. It's a toss up right now on exactly where it will make land first and at what strength. It bounces up and down, from a Cat 4 to a 3 and then to a 2. There are even some predictions that it could be downgraded to a tropical storm.  Unless it veers back out into the Atlantic, the seaboard is going to get some major rain.

After my shower this morning, I donned a pair of fresh pajamas. I didn't plan on stepping out into the oven again today and I didn't. Every time I look onto the patio and see the husband getting his nicotine fix, I smile and am thankful I'm not out there sweating to get my fix too.

Chicken wings for Caribbean jerk wings have been cut up and are marinating until they are taken to the patio where the deep fryer is reaching the correct temperature for frying. I suggested to the husband to just toss them on the concrete and flip em over a couple of times.

Have I mentioned the heat and that it's August in south west Louisiana? September doesn't look any cooler coming in either and it's the month when we are wary of hurricanes.

I'm so ready for fall. I'm getting cabin fever from all this hiding out in the house this month. I'm bored and boring and I apologise. I'm done here too for today.

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