Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Whale Sighting. I saw The Tail!

Grab your pennies and quarters. We're going to the casino!

The casino keeps their air conditioners pumping refridgerated air around their customers to keep them comfortable. I usually walk in carrying a "wrap" over my arm just in case it gets a little too frigid. My first clue is my nose beginning to drip. Again it's almost 100 degrees today so sitting for a few hours in a casino was a much more welcome adventure then the Shrimp Festival Fiasco this past weekend.

I take my iPad with me and the husband takes money. He hits the black jack tables while I belly up to the bar and read. The waitresses and bartender are familiar and business is slow on a weekday. I have a large selection of books downloaded to my Kindle app on that iPad. I'm happily entertained while I wait for the husband to lose his cash.

When we left the casino, we headed for the backroads to Lafayette. We weren't in a hurry. The change from our usual path home took us through Jeanerette and eventually into Broussard.

As we pulled to a stop at the red light on the corner of Morgan and Main in Broussard, I heard the husband say "Isn't she all dolled up?"  I had my eyes on my iPad. Reading stopped, I looked over to ask what or who he was talking about. He directed my attention to the service station on the corner where a woman was standing, gas nozzle in hand, fueling up her car.

I looked, gasped and looked again.

Some women gain weight and get wide. Some gain weight and their hips roll up over their waists. We're talking about the latter specimen here.

I've never been one to make disparaging remarks about someones weight or age or beauty or lack of. Appearance is a whole 'nuther thing though.

This vision to my right was a woman early to mid 40's. Her long dark hair hung limply past her shoulders against a white pullover t-shirt. So far, so good. Nothing extraordinary there.

It was the lower portion of her body that arrested my attention. The soft mint green color of her skirt was attractive. The skirt was a layered number and here's where it all falls apart. It was see through. It shouldn't have been.

Beneath this skirt, the outline of a "whale tail" was clearly visible. Some of you may know this as a "thong". Hers was a nice deep black color which stood out nicely against the green gauzy see through skirt. I sat mesmerized.

As my daughter would say "Your mama let you out of the house looking like that?"  or "Honey, didn't you look in the mirror before you walked out the door??

Remember those hips discussed a couple of paragraphs up this page? She had dimples that are only cute when you have two of them and hers were not on the right cheeks. An abundance of them were left exposed on each side of her skimpy underwear.

The light stayed red for much longer then was comfortable and I had to look away. Some visions are difficult to erase. This was one of them.  

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  1. She must have been on her way to Wal-Mart. I have seen outfits in that store that rival Halloween. LOL


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