Saturday, August 13, 2011

Leave Her or Post It

What to do..what to do? It's still a furnace outside and I'm still trying to hide from that furnace. I had errands to run this morning and while gas is at 3.32 a gallon, I figured I would top off the tank in the roadster.

I had to move the Marquis to the front yard beneath the maple tree so I could get the roadster on the road. I slipped into the front seat and released the latch that holds the rag top in place, lowered the windows and flipped the button that releases the hatch. My hand moved automatically to the lever beneath the front seat that allows the seat to slide back and forth. There was no lever there. What? I know there is a lever because I've used it many times to slide the seat back so I can get out of that little red can that sits so low to the ground. As soon as I get back in it, I automatically reach for the lever again to allow me to slide the seat forward a little. This car is a standard shift so though my legs are long, I need just a little forward movement of that seat to depress the clutch all the way to the floor.

I didn't find the lever but instead discovered a button on the left lower portion of the seat. This button raises and lowers the seat. Who knew? Surely not me. I'm still need to find the lever.

I drove to the gas station and fueled up and before climbing back in the car, I bent down and peaked beneath the seat. I searched with my hand and I cried into the phone to Wanda that I was losing my mind. She suggested maybe the seats were electrically controlled. I told her about the button for raising and lowering the seats. I also told her this was not the seat control I was used to using. "Maybe you have just forgotten that you used that button." she suggested.
 I'm not buyin it but I am beginning to wonder if my secret fear is coming to fruition. Alzheimer's. I've finally lost the little bit of brain I had remaining. Wanda suggested again that maybe I had the old Toyota I used to own, confused with this little red car. Poor Wanda. She kept searching for answers while I quivered in fear. I'm going to have to buy more Post It notes. My memory will be little yellow tabs of paper with a self adhesive strip that helps them cling to every surface in my house and car. I must start soon making notes on them before I lose the letters of the alphabet.

I rolled on home after visiting the bank. Truly shaken and puzzled, I got out of that car and searched again. As my hand moved over the floor mat, the one I had taken out the other day and cleaned, I felt an unevenness to one corner of it. Raising it up, my hand moved over metal. I had found the lever. The car seats sit almost flush with the floor which makes the lever almost on the floor with barely enough room to slide your fingers beneath to grasp it. The mat didn't LOOK lumpy there so I didn't think to raise it up.

I'm going to start lettering those Post It notes now before it gets to late. I'll just pack them away and let you know where they are hidden. Should you find me wandering the streets late at night, it might be time to start tagging them up all around my area. I will be forever indebted. Thanking you in advance, I'm gone for the evening.

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