Tuesday, August 2, 2011


And I thought I was done. Early this morning we headed to the store to pick up some lawn dirt. We spread the dirt and drifted over it with the grass seed, raked it and then saturated it with water. Twice a day I water these patches of raw ground and hopefully within the next seven days some green will cover the patches of dirt.

I planted Bermuda grass. What I know about grass would fit in a thimble. I think the grass in this yard is St. Augustine but finding seeds now is impossible. That's what I was told by the young fellow at Home Depot. Then I get home and go online to learn something about grass and find that you don't seed St. Augustine. You have to buy plugs or sod. I figured grass was grass and as long as it was green, what did it matter so I grabbed that bag of Bermuda grass seeds and that's what got planted.

Again I go online only to find that a lot of people consider Bermuda grass a weed. Is this just a regional thing? Bermuda grass is what is used on golf courses. How bad could it be? I read some more and then followed a link to an online source that sells the seeds and read some more. I still don't know if it's a mistake to be planting this but I talked to an "ex-sister-in-law" and she assures me that it is a pretty grass and is NOT a weed.

Another definition of a weed is any grass that grows where you don't want it to grow.

I can always use "Round Up" and kill it off as I did with the crab grass which is why I have huge bald patches in my once-pretty green lawn. Bermuda has to be better then crab grass which is harsh on the feet.

Since we are on the subject of green stuff, an update on the peas might be in order. Have I mentioned that the husband is planting a winter garden? He bought a Farmer's Almanac and today he planted the green beans. The peas were to be planted in July so that is what he did. Hopefully following the Farmer's Almanac will be the ticket to some winter vegetables. This is an experiment for us. Using the Farmer's Almanac this winter will help us succeed in a summer garden. I think our previous attempts at a summer garden were disasters because we didn't plant early enough in the spring.

The peas are reaching upward to the strings that have been strung harp like above them so they will have something to climb up on. So far, so good. Now about that hurricane that might be heading to Florida.......
Let's hope that we don't have a hurricane wipe out our fledgling gardening attempts.
I'm off to water the bare patches of ground and wait for grass.


  1. YOur "ex-sister-in-law" is right..Do not doubt her.....Her IQ is 210...

  2. LOL wanda..thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment.


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