Saturday, September 3, 2011

Kewl! Kewl! and Cool!

I loaded up the roadster with a suitcase and makeup case and tossed them onto the passenger seat and headed out. I'm bound for Shreveport, Louisiana. Shreveport sits beside the Red River, a town largely owing it's growth to the riverboat casinos.

My room at the Holiday Inn is on the fourth floor and faces the river. From here I can see the casino hotels rising tall, the park that attracts the bike riders to the paths and the children to the fountains.

I've spent the past two days exploring. The husband leaves for the location every morning at 0400 and I sleep in until 0700. Dressed in Capri's and t shirt, I invade the coffee shop for a pot of brew and some breakfast. A leisurely breakfast doesn't quite cover all that time I spend in the dining room. I catch up on online stuff on my iPad and sometimes a few telephone conversations on the iPhone.

The weather outside is positively balmy today. A nice wind and an overcast sky allows me to ride around in the roadster with the top down until a slight sprinkle of rain on the windshield gives me warning to pull over to the side of the road to raise the top. We are getting the effects of TS Lee that is whipping S.W. Louisiana with heavy rains and winds. I'm grateful for the cooler temperatures here. The rain is beading on the floor to ceiling windows and gathering to slide down in streaks of wetness. I don't plan on going back out again this afternoon. It's time to turn on the television and turn off the computer and watch a movie until sleep becomes my partner.

I'm done for a while and I'm gone!


  1. Wow, that sounds great! Love road trips!

  2. Ipad, Iphone and are such a techie. Pretty good for an old gal. LOL

  3. lol Joan..I introduced myself to computers in the late '80's I'm very comfortable around techine stuff. I'm connected..and now most of my connections are with Apple products. The GPS is a life save for me as I'm like the absent minded professor..I have no sense of direction so it gets me back home from my wanderings.


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