Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mean Me

It's early. So early the daylight hasn't arrived so I slipped outside, grabbed the hoe and in the darkness, relieved only by the street light a few feet way, I begin to clean up the weeds beside the driveway. Almost done on this little project of reseeding and I want to get the weeds out before the sun rises in the sky. By that time I want to be back inside and showered and dressed.

Strange,but as I looked around, I noticed others must have had the same idea to avoid the heat. I'm not the only one out and about this early. 

This post was started days ago and has been vanquished to draft stage since.

I'm still watching the grass grow and watering the bare spots with the new growth coming in. 

I got out of bed again in the darkness of early morning and hurriedly dressed. I had to be at the Imaging Center at 0730 for my mammo. I'm ready to bite somebody.

I have to say, a man must have invented that mammongraphy testing. A woman would have figured out a way to do it that was not hanging on your tip toes while someone had your breast in a vice. I have this horror of the machine malfunctioning and slinging me around the room while my breast is securely clamped down and I'm holding my breath as the  tech has instructed.

 If it wasn't so unladylike, I would be snarling at any health care professional that got close to me. First the gyn doc, then bloodwork, then to the doctor's appointment with the husband and later the following week with him again for testing and then today for the mammo. Oh, and wait, lest I forget, a dental appointment tomorrow. I'm so done with running here and there and there and back again. I'm hoping for no cavities and that the mammo comes back without any problems. I'm trying to get adjusted to the BP med I started yesterday so I'm doing frequent checks on that. I need a vacation to some place cool with a pool of clear water and white sand. It's too hot to even go to the beach.

The husband asked me a few minutes ago what I wanted to do today. My reply "Stay cool".

I promised myself I would endure the month of August this year without whimpering and whining. I lied. 

I'm off to fall asleep while watching TV in my darkened bedroom. Good night all. 

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