Friday, August 12, 2011

You Might Hate Shopping IF

I've never understood how a bunch of females can get together for a day of shopping. Roving up and down aisle to check out what is hanging on the racks when you aren't actually looking for anything in particular has never been something that interested me.

Shopping in 100 degrees temperatures makes me downright snappy.

The poor house slippers were not only worn out on the bottoms but the heel areas were frayed and thin. Not a big deal usually but in the event the husband gets called out, we needed to replace them. Our plan was to go to the discount stores and the first stop was Ross's where I found the nicest black belt. Maybe I should have stayed home and left the husband to do his own shopping. The next stop was Marshall's where I found a nice wide stretch burgundy belt with faux leopard trim and a new bra. No luck on the house slippers so we moved on to T.J. Max. Quickly cruising the store found no house slippers and I stayed far away from the belt section.

The Mall was next and J.C. Penny's, Sears and Macy's were quickly ticked off our list with a final stop at Pay Less Shoes. Who knew this was going to be so difficult?
No purchases for me.

We checked out the Walgreen store and by this time I'm hot and sweat is tricking down my face and my good humor left after buying the last belt which was 5 stores ago.

We gave up and went to Walmart which is less then a mile from the house.  I have almost reached the whine stage by now. I just wanna go home. It's August. I don't do August well.

"Look over there! See that fifth wheel?" pointing wildly and speaking to the husband I'm back on my favorite subject, getting out of Louisiana for the summer.

My goal is to get a nice big fifth wheel and tow it to Colorado, find a pretty park and hang out until November or the first snow in the Rockies. I wish to be a snow bird.

It might take a bit more time to convince the husband. I should have started on this years ago. Another 15 days plus or minus a few and August will be behind me for another year. I'll forget about the fifth wheel trailer and Colorado until another lovely August assaults me.

It's time to rinse off the salt scum and call it a night. I'll wear that burgundy belt tomorrow. 

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