Saturday, August 27, 2011

No Irene for us, She's East Coast Bound

The Jamaican jerk chicken wings were awesome. I kept a large glass of ice water in one hand ready for the mouth explosion I knew was coming. It's 103 degrees outside with the heat index. What more appropriate then wings edging near 103 degrees in my mouth?  The night before we dined on taco salad, a cool treat. I'm so inappropriate on summer meals sometimes. I would be happy with a cold salad or a cold sandwich but the husband likes more variety in his meals so I'm blaming it on him.

It's very quiet around here at 0530 and I try to respect the neighbors on an early Saturday morning. They might be sleeping in late after a full week of dragging themselves out of bed to go to a job that has by now become all too routine. I can quietly water the grass seed while sipping on my first cup of coffee. I can pull weeds out of the newly seeded portion of the yard that is now mostly weeds. I did all that this morning before daylight and washed the car too.  I saved using the weed eater until after 0900 hrs. Nobody needs to be in bed past that hour though the husband thinks differently. My plan is to beat the heat of midday. He has no such plans and tolerates the heat much better then I.

My chores are finished. I've scrubbed all the dirt and sweat off of myself and I'm dressed for spending the remainder of this day indoors. I'm going to cuddle up with the iPad and read between naps I intend on taking and watching the reports on Hurricane Irene that is still attacking the east coast. New York should be feeling it by tomorrow. I don't envy anyone this storm and the electricity outage that will accompany it. It's too damn hot to be without a/c.

I'm grabbing a bottle of water and escaping to the dark bedroom. The fan overhead will spray me with cool refrigerated air it picks up from the overhead a/c vents and I'll be very appreciative that there is no storm bearing down on us...right now.

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