Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm Chillin

It has tried to rain for the past two days. I can hear the thunder rumbling in the distance, the purple clouds are swirling and the air is thick and heavy. A few drops dot the concrete and the storm moves over us without shedding any moisture.

This morning we were out early to do a little yard work. The husband assures me that I am no gardener and I'm not at all insulted as it was never my desire to be one. I like flowers. That doesn't make me an expert on planting them.

The flower bed directly to the left of the walkway onto the front porch is a stubborn place to grow anything. Limp and ragged, the flowers I plant there never live more then a month. I planted 3 flats this spring and they expired. I changed tactics and bought 5 knock out rose bushes. They looked a bit puny so I bought packets of seeds and carved out some rows and planted those seeds. Zinnias. I had no idea Zinnias could grow so tall and had I known this I would never have planted them in that area. Soon they were shoving up through the soil, reaching a nice height of 5 inches. I assumed they would start flowering but that was not the case. A few weeks later they were 3 feet tall and popping forth the prettiest flowers. The problem was, they over shadowed the pretty roses that were trying to grow and they looked out of place in the front of that bed. Of course the husband had to make a few comments about my choice of flowers for that area so I moved them.

We pulled weeds and moved plants around. I was back in the house and showered by 0900 hrs and again had no desire to go back outside again. It's August and it's hot and it's expected. I'm not bitchin'. I'm coping.

I'm saving the complaining in the event that the low pressure area in the Atlantic develops into a hurricane and then finds it's way into the Gulf and then heads due north to this town. If I lose the a/c due to a hurricane, there WILL be some bitchin' goin on...

It's time to find someplace for dinner. It looks like it will be dinner 'out'. I'm good with that. I don't want to break this 8hr streak I have going on of 'doing nothing'.

I'm gone.

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