Monday, February 21, 2011

Presidents Day? A Silly Holiday?

Besides banks, state and federal offices being closed today, how did you celebrate? This day passed without a nudge or tickle regarding any president. I didn't see a parade. I didn't see a big television production about presidents. I'm not impressed. Is this a renamed holiday?

We have bypassed spring and went right into summer. When the a/c has to be used to cool the house down, it's summer.

I wasn't quite ready for this much good weather this soon. A little spring time would have been nice. I can see the green shoots of grass and the big maple tree has sprouted these purple fuzzy little creations that are now being blown by the wind to wallpaper my white car.

The lawn service guys had a small break from their tending of their customers in the neighborhood but are back now. Old shrubs are being removed and flower beds are being readied for summer plantings. I'm not ready for summer. I'm never ready.

I live where the winters are supposed to be mild. This winter and last, the winter was harsh for this part of the USA. Oh, we didn't have the feet of snow the northerners experienced but then we aren't supposed to have it either. We seldom get temperatures into the freezing zone but this winter we did and that's not normal. Is it too much to expect normal? Apparently so.

It was a day without Carrie. A day to not answer the call for some chocolate milk or for me to "come see". I didn't have to start a movie for her nor fix a meal nor a bath tonight. It's a Carrie-Free zone. It's not a bad thing to have a day of rest.

My day was house type stuff and a trip to the grocery store. That's a trip that will make the hair stand up on your head. Last week a pound of bacon was $4.28/lb and this week, a staggering 6.29/lb. Gasoline is at 3.09/gal. and the Middle East is roaring with people protesting leadership. Everyone is nervous. I'm sure this administration is watching to see how this washes out. 
 A barrel of oil is predicted to be at 175.00/barrel by this summer. Another oil and gas tax is expected to be levied against the oil companies by this administration to answer the budget deficit.  I'm thinking a repeat of the 1970's with shortages and  long gas lines. 

Mexico is ripping apart at the seams and some predict the next war will be between the USA and Mexico. Did we lose the war on drugs yet? 

The following months ought to be interesting. I'll be watching meanwhile I'm going to Google this holiday and find out where the big celebration was held. Apparently I missed it.
I'm done.

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  1. After the drunken revelry of Groundhog Day, the presidents are just going to have to realize that we celebrate their day a little more low-key; namely by going to work and forgetting all about it.


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