Wednesday, February 2, 2011

and THEN

Among the things I'm thankful for today is that I don't have that nasty virus that is slaying people to the right and left of me. Wheezing, coughing and hacking, I duck my head down and weave out of their paths. I've heard it's bad and I don't want to experience it.
My sinus cavities have their own drummer taking up residence and I think they must be crowding my ear drums.
When it feels as though my eyes are going to bulge out to frog like prominence, I head for something to swallow. A couple of ibuprofen and a couple of hours later, the pounding abates. This whole experience of allergy/sinus is new to me. I've heard if you live so  many years, yet an undermined number, you will have sinus problems here. It's the heat and high humidity that encourages growth of mold and fungus. I must have reached the required years. I'm there.

Along with the crappy head stuff, the weather hasn't been anything to do the happy dance about. Egypt is falling and the gas prices are rising and I shouldn't be cold here in the southern most tip of Louisiana.

And if that wasn't enough, someone critiqued my blog and slammed me on using "than" instead of "then" and I was shamed for my bad grammar and told there was no excuse for it.  Oh hell, I'll beg forgiveness tomorrow. I never professed to having an $80,000.00 dollar English major degree.

I'm taking my sorry self to bed. I'm leaving my headache beside the ibuprofen bottle. THEN, I'm turning on the T.V., THEN I'm zoning out for a while.
How am I doing? I'm done!


  1. You know what is sad? Me! I went back and read some of my blogs noting grammar and the use of the word "then/than". The reprimand was unfounded. The sad part was that it bothered me so much that I had to go check it out!

  2. Yeah. The sad thing is that you were bothered by it. The world is full of jerks.

  3. I think I will start pointing out all your mistakes since I am perfect in every way, Charlotte you just have to overlook the morons of the world.


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