Friday, February 4, 2011

Are we Watching?

"Ah, they are always fightin."  "We should just blow em off the map."  "Who cares?"  

Those comments I hear from people that are minimally aware of the news reports on Egypt, as they quickly flip the channel to settle in for a evening of unreality shows. Brain numbed and dumbed down, we ignore what is happening. "If it ain't happening here, I don't care what is goin' on!"  I've heard this comment many more times then I care to remember.

I've heard people trivialize this revolt blaming it on the religious conflicts that exist in the Middle East. It's taken for granted and ignored by the West. From what I can tell,  this revolt is about democracy. Our President is hesitant to support Mubarak in this revolt against this dictator. After all, isn't that the supposed reason we are in Iraq?  To spread democracy?

I don't pretend to understand all that goes on internationally  but when something erupts like what is happening in Egypt and we don't think we will feel the effects of this, boggles my mind.  Poverty and unemployment seem to be fueling much of this revolt.

I wonder how many jobs will have to be lost and how hungry the US citizen will have to be before revolts happen here. England and Italy are experiencing their own problems. 

I'm watching CNN for their take on what is going on and the reasons and the repercussions.  For those of us that feel we won't feel a part of that ripple, take note. 
The international markets took a dive. Our stock market tumbled affecting retirement funds again.  I'm watching  the price of a barrel of oil.  Our support of this dictator will be questioned. Fears of a radical anti American  ruler is feared by the USA. I say this to those that think this has no effect on them; heads up.

I'll continue to watch to see how this plays out . At least, in a few months, should the price of a gallon of gas cost 30.00, I can flip back to this time. When products shipped from that part of the world and has to travel around the whole continent of Africa to reach our shores, I will understand the slight horrendous markups on our shelves. Worst case scenarios, some of these and now to watch to see what the United States will do.

Reality shows? Really? What could be more riveting to watch then what goes on in the world and splashed across the television screen, plus it helps you understand what is going on in your small part of your world.  
I don't understand economics. I can manage my own here. I pay the bills until I run out of money. Simple formula I have. I confess to not understanding global economics. Loans to states and how they rate those that qualify, it's  beyond my depths in knowledge.  Sadly, I don't find it a thrilling subject. 
I suspect that what is going on now will spread around the world and those effects will be my lesson on economics. 
I'm going to find a good book to read during this lousy weather; cold and rain is blowing in.
I have a dental appointment this afternoon and an appointment to see a friend and a few errands to run.
I'm going to be busy. I'm not really interested in this much of my time being  structured.
I'm not in the mood to be a blogger right now. It's either sinuses or a slow brain.
I'm done.


  1. It's the NIMBY attitude isn't it? (not in my back yard)...apathy. People just don't care about what's happening elsewhere in the world and they are just so short-sighted to think that they won't be affected at some point.
    I don't understand global economics either but I'm able to understand that when something happens like what is going on in Egypt, and other countries, that sooner or later it will affect us all.

    Of course the NIMBY people are the first to complain when prices rise, or they are unable to find their favourite imports in the shops!

  2. Ayak: so well said and in such a condensed version. thanks for the "NIMBY"
    I may be using that term.


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