Wednesday, February 9, 2011

One Year Ago Today

I can flip through my blog Rolodex and know exactly what was going on in my life. Well, maybe NOT exactly as I'm sure I've left out the most embarrassing parts if there were any on that particular day that I posted. If my daughter had me in giggling fits in public, which she likes to do sometimes, and I had to return to my house to change underwear, which has happened, I probably didn't share that with the whole Internet or the small group that frequent this blog. There are just some things that are better left unsaid and I can keep a secret. Feel free to share your most embarrassing moment with me.

I meandered a bit off track there so I'm hauling this blog back on the rails again with this sentence. Sometimes I take a short stroll down memory lane. Not the lane that is supposed to be housed in the hardwired part of my brain. I seem to have lost a few connections with that circuit there. Thankfully, I have this bit of cyber memory going on for me.

Last night I went back to February a year ago and read my charting on where I was and what was happening around me. I had another surgery approaching and I was busy gathering up a wheelchair from friends, crutches and canes and freakin out about not being able to clean house while stranded on the sofa with surgical site propped up during the healing of the Achilles. Mardi Gras, weather and more, I had left those tales and some of them I didn't remember putting to laptop screen text, saving and publishing. I should have started this blog years ago but years ago computers weren't that accessible, especially laptops. Hauling a desktop from motel to motel doesn't sound appealing although I might have found the inconvenience worth having it around.

Carrie and I test drove the new sheets. Potato chip flakes and dribbles of ice tea christened those nice sheets and as soon as she goes home, I'll pull them off that bed and they will get baptised to soap and water and the Kenmore.

I'm off to see what the day brings. I've heard it will be rain. It's getting geared up for that promised 80 degree weather that is approaching this weekend. The weather man promised and I'm expecting him to make good on it. Don't ya hate weather forecasters that promise one thing and deliver another?  I've had a few dates in my life...well...we'll leave that for another time.
I'm doing some serious organizing today..a little cleaning and before you know it, Good Housekeeping will be sending me their seal of approval.

And, just disregard all those promises to clean that I just made. I just found out that the house guest won't be arriving until April! Why waste all my time cleaning now when by April it will just have to be done again?

I have other things I would rather be doing today. A afternoon nap, some internet and some dinner that I won't be cooking. I'm done and I'm  gone.

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