Saturday, February 19, 2011


I heard her as she woke to find me gone. She called out my name, then I heard the swish sound as her feet hit the hardwood floor by the bed.  I answered quickly and she directed her steps to the master bedroom. Her waist length, head of thick hair hung forward over her face as she climbed over the foot of my bed and crawled up to be with me. I lifted her hair away from her face and secured it with the hair clip that was buried in the masses of hair.
Her eyes still were a little puffy but the watery look from last night was gone.

 She said "Look Nanny, I'm not sick!"

For a few minutes she stayed with me while I held her. On a good morning, Carrie likes being held before she moves off to start her active day.

Soon she was sliding back down to the foot of the bed while telling me "I'm going to go look for Poppy." and she was gone. She spent most of the day outside, the best indicator that she was feeling much better then last night.

She was with us all day and was in no hurry to go home. We put the top down on the roadster while we ran some errands.  

Evening arrives. While engrossed with the laptop on the sofa and  watching some Justin Bieber videos on You Tube, her mother walks in. Carrie looks up and squeals. She is happy to see her mother and was suddenly ready to leave.

I'll phone her this morning to see how she spent the night. I slept without interruption. I hope she did too.

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