Monday, February 14, 2011


I slipped out of bed in the wee hours of the morning and swallowed some ibuprofen and then turned back the covers on the guest bed and climbed in. I didn't know if I would be up and wandering around again so not wanting to disturb the husband's sleep, I chose the guest bedroom.

As soon as I could get out of the house, I went to the store and got some Sudafed. Signing for it and showing identification and then having the pharmacist assistant log all the information into her computer took longer then it would have had I been buying a Schedule 2 or 3 narcotic.  I'm on my first dose and tonight before I go to bed, I'll take another. I don't know how long it will be before I can expect a change in the sinus condition but if I remember to take the ibuprofen, the pain isn't bad at all.

It was 71 degrees here today. This afternoon I grabbed the cleansers and scrub brush and spiffed up my bike a bit. We are promised the same temperatures all week long. Spring has arrived?

I'm going to bed early tonight. If I get there early, I might be able to have the remote control in my possession and everybody knows, those who have the remote, rule the entertainment. If I'm in charge, a movie or weekly series will be watched but if the husband gains the remote control, we will be flipping from CNN to MSN, Fox and the other networks for news. Enough already with the news. Whatever changes from what we watched today can wait until tomorrow.

I'll be driving to Lydia tomorrow morning to collect Carrie. She has been with her Dad all weekend and today. Tomorrow morning she will be with one of her great grandmothers until I can pick her up. Maybe I can talk her into a bike ride with me later in the day.

I'm done.

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