Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stuff, Just Stuff

Carrie spent the night and most of today here with us.  It was a day spent indoors. She alternated her time between Poppy and me. 

Checkers played using her rules and I let her rule how the game was played. I've tried to teach her to play but it's been a long while since I made that mistake. Now I sit patiently while she skips all over the board wiping out my black chips while taking 4 to 6 block leaps. She giggles and swipes up my chip and I pay the same treatment forward. By the time all the men have been taken off the board, she has had enough of checkers and we move on to something else. Teaching her to play chess was an even worse experience.

The Wii we shared. Tennis, bowling and baseball entertained and passed a few more hours. Neither of us can keep score. She plays tennis until her opponent misses then hands me the hand control. Even with the Wii game, she sometimes makes up her own rules.  

Late afternoon, we dashed through the rain to the car. Buckling her into the booster seat during this downpour left me partially wet and chilled. We were on our way to Walmart to pick up some baby chicken for her lunch. I zipped around the store quickly making my selections on coffee, milk and a few other items needed while Carrie followed. Occasionally she would mention the baby chicken worried that I would forget our main reason for risking a wet soaking on this trip to the store. Always thinking of her Poppy, she spotted Pistachios  that she knows is his favorite. She picked them up and asked if she could take this to her Poppy. I don't remember her going with her Poppy to the store and bringing something back for me. I'm not bitter or feeling neglected.  

Soon we were at the delicatessen part of the store and a half pound of crispy browned mild flavored chicken wings were picked up. This is what she calls baby chicken. The small drum sticks represent a baby bird to her. Out the door, mission accomplished and back into the cold rain to race back to the car.

Soon it was time to take her back to her house. She visits her father tomorrow and is excited to see him. It's quiet now in the house and she is missed.


Today I would like to take the sofa cushions to the upholstery shop and have the new foam put into them. I'll wait for the total sofa recovering party that is planned. I could reorder this same sofa from Thomasville or I could have this one redone. I know it's time to get something done. I'm not unhappy with the style of this one and ultra modern leather, glass and tubular stuff is not my taste. I eyed a nice leather one but nixed on that after talking to my girlfriend who hates hers. I'll stick with cloth fabric.

It is wet and cold once again but that can be said for most of the USA so I'm dressing for the climate and ignoring all else. It is what it is and we cope cause complaining doesn't help.
I talked to Lance, neighbor kid/guy/man/. I've known him since he was 4 yrs old so I still want to call him a kid when he is well past 24yrs old. Lance is unemployed right now but it doesn't seem to bother him as much as it bothers his parents. He has moved back in with them and all his furniture from his apartment had to be located within his parent's home. The other son that was attending McNeese in Lake Charles decided he would move back in also and along with him came sofa, bed and TV. He has transferred to ULL.  Shelly, the daughter attends ULL here in town and has staked her claim to a bedroom and stayed home during her college experience. Dee has a houseful once again and is busy.

Though Lance is unemployed, he stays busy. Lately he has been sanding and painting his brother's truck. Lance can do custom paint jobs and his own truck, painted bright red, is decorated with emblems and pictures. He enters this red truck in car shows.

The point of sharing all this with you is that Lance is "in the know" with people that have car haulers. I'm looking for a double axle trailer with an attached ramp. If not enclosed, I will buy a car cover for the Solstice when it is being towed on this trailer. I want to have a trailer by the time spring arrives and the husband is working all over the USA. See my plan here folks? It's obvious. I'm hooking up and heading out. The next trip I make with the husband, I'll arrive with my own wheels. We can park the trailer in a far corner of the hotel parking lot and unload the Solstice. I'll be a free bird.
Now for that sofa. I'm off of here to dress and take some cushions to the shop.
I'm done!

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