Saturday, February 26, 2011

Updating since Thursday

Short update on my big day. The husband was called out of town so the daughter and the granddaughter and I went to the Olive Garden for lunch. I like the "all you can eat soup and salad" lunches. When we got there, the parking lot was so crowded that we decided to run an errand and return later.

I had the sofa cushions in the car. Carrie was barely visible back there in the back seat. Occasionally I could see her little head bob out from behind a cushion and I would wink at her  while telling her I was going to dig her out real soon.

We made the trip to the upholstery shop and freed Carrie from her prison of cushions. Foam is expensive and I have very tired sofa cushions; three of them and they are big. Mr. Romero warned me that each cushion would cost 150.00, replaced with high density foam. I had already checked out the price with the foam people so I knew this wasn't going to be cheap. The form is guaranteed for 15yrs. and right now, the sofa really doesn't need recovered. I left the cushions and we went for lunch. A little shopping after lunch and then back to the house with Carrie who insisted she keep me company because it was my birthday. I agreed with her that this would be the best present I received today, her company.

A bottle of wine later and I either relaxed into sleep or just plain passed out. I'm was 'relaxed'.

Yesterday Carrie and I ran the roads. We loaded up the daughters' sick laptop into the roadster, and with the rag top down we headed to Breaux Bridge to see Jeff. Brunch and then back to Lafayette to pack Carrie's clothes to spend the weekend with her dad and then off to Lydia where her great grandmother was waiting to spend the afternoon with her until her father collected her. I was barely out of that little car yesterday.

The Little House (storage building) holds 4 foam cushions from an old sofa that was long ago retired. I bought those cushions into the house and put them on the bare sofa. The calla lily pattern on them doesn't quite go with the tapestry pattern on this sofa but it will have to do until I get my cushions back. Don't look for any photos of this decorating nightmare. 

The sofa cushions left the same day the hubby left on his job. He was supposed to be gone a week and plenty of time for me to get the new foamed ones back. Instead his job was cancelled. He was home by 2100 hrs last night. The calla lily cushions on the tapestry patterned chenille  sofa was his first notification that I wasn't shopping for a new sofa which he thinks I should do. 

I like the sofa I have and with a little refurbishing, it should be as good as new. To replace this one with another exactly like it will cost me more then what I paid for my new Chevelle in 1972. That's ridiculous.

It's Saturday now and much too nice a day to spend it indoors. I'm off to a shower and a pair of shorts, a t-shirt and a spring day!



  1. Just think what the 1972 Chevelle would be worth now.

  2. Maybe my sofa will appreciate if I hang on to it long enough? NOT!
    I miss the Chevelle..a sturdy car it was.


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