Saturday, February 19, 2011

Simple Saturday

Carrie and Poppy

Carrie came to visit again today. She is back to her feisty happy self and I'm worn out.

Not a thing of importance happened today. Play with Carrie, trip to the store and back home to more play with Carrie.

The patio TV had to be replaced. The husband took the other one down from it's perch close to the ceiling and took the back off of it and spent some time cleaning the contacts for the "off/on" switch. It did fire up but after a short time, it would click off. He worked on it for a while then decided it was time to make a trip to the pawn shop to look for a replacement. He could have opted for a new one but it would have been a  flat screen. He thinks the weather here would kill it quickly and to find the old type TV's, the pawn shop was his best bet.

One old type TV was there and it is now replacing the one that was pitched to the curb. My question is, who owns this house or does this house own us? It requries as much attention as a child. Lawns, trees, shrubbery and the exterior provides enough work before even considering the inside of the house.

It was a wonderful 76 degrees here today and we spent most of it outside. My internet time has went the way of the cold weather. I haven't missed it. I haven't missed the cold weather either. Soon I'll be complaining about the heat and the humidity and maybe a hurricane or two. We have been lucky for the past few years. We might be due a hurricane this coming season.

I hear Carrie calling. It's time to get her out of the tub and into bed but first I have to comb through all that hair. I'm done, or at least on here I'm done. I still have Carrie to do.


  1. 76 degrees!

    Sometimes, the quiet days are the best... Sounds like a lovely one.


    p.s. Oh, and I absolutely LOVE that bed!

  2. Let's hope the hurricane's stay far away!

  3. Lovely temps for you...ours our rising slowly but we have a lot of rain and storms at the moment. That bed is magnificent...beautiful!

  4. Pearl and Ayak: I eyed that bed for weeks and weeks..and finally with the husband's urgings...I had it delivered. I called it my birthday help justify buying it. I like it a lot

  5. It was a lovely -16 here. Time for you to start mowing.


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