Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tidying Up

It started yesterday with the patio and has now spread to the carport and the walls there. The power washer has been fired up and spraying it's high velocity stream of water. As much as I dislike standing for long periods of time pointing the nozzle of that thing at concrete, I did pick it up today and use it.

I used it to clean the tires and rims of my car. My major accomplishment today. Spraying off the wheels of the car takes but a few minutes and is not quite so mind numbing as pointing that nozzle down on the patio concrete and watching it remove stains in 1/4 inch increments. Since the patio is about 12ft by 14 ft, the boredom one endures causes me to lie and lie without guilt.

When I see the power washer rolled out of the Little House, I hide. I make busy inside and I know how to shirk without anyone noticing. It's all in listening closely to the door opening inward. I leap to my feet and with the dust cloth in hand, I start wiping something off and looking busy,  busy, busy.

"Sure, I'll help." I say and knowing all the time I'm saying this, I'm lying.
"I just want to get some things done in here." I tell him. 
and an hour later it's "I'm not quite finished what I'm doing. Sure, I'm gonna do some spraying." I lied again

and all the time I know this won't happen. I can stretch housework out for hours and hours. It's all about listening for that door to open and hitting the "off" on the remote control.

....and my tires and rims do look nice and clean. 

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