Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl Sunday

I'll say it again, "I don't have a dog in this fight" and having said that, I'll be favoring the Steelers today. Mostly because the husband wants to see the Packers win.
My problem is, when the game is two teams that neither one is mine, I tend to concentrate and applaud the play regardless of who is making that play.  I appreciate the atheletheism (is that spelled right? prolly probably of the players. I watch as they get hit and become airborne or get hit while being airborne and running blindly into the tackle. I would never consider playing this sport.
Brutal as it is, the pay is good and the testosterone levels must run high. If someone hit me that hard or pushed or shoved, I might have to pack a derringer in my sock.
I'm amazed at how some of them take a hit, and from the person that hit them, they extend a hand to help them up or a pat on the back as they separate and head back to their own huddle.

I'm afraid I would never be that forgiving. I hold a grudge. I'll be over here massaging the big bruise and pouting. Nope, don't speak to me. I'm mad at you.
And the coach? I watch as he yells at the players as they come off the field for some silly move they made or didn't make while the rumble was on. I'll be right over here with my hankie crying and sniffling and whining about being yelled at. 

Tennis looks much more civilized. How about a good ole competition on the golf course, the ski slope or in the swimming poor. I suppose this says a lot for what I feel about contact sports.
Oh, hey. I watch them but could never imagine being a player regardless of what the pay check looks like.

I have much admiration for the players. What I admire is their physical strength and stamina. These guys are in shape. I like to watch when they fall and then bounce to their feet. It's not the fall but the getting up that is amazing and shows how fit they are. At times I find myself cheering the pass or the catch even though it was made by a team that I'm supposed to be against. I appreciate the play regardless of who made it. 
 Setting aside their personal lives and personal screw ups there, one has to respect their skill on the field. Oh? It's game time? Excuse me. I'll be right back. I have to go watch my 11 men try to murder your 11 men. Gooooooooo Steelers?..yeah..that's it..Go Steelers!


  1. lol John..take the middle's safest!

  2. Hi Charlotte Ann,
    Thanks for commenting on my blog, Write from the Heart. I laughed at today's post about cheering for the other Super Bowl team because your husband is rooting for the opposing team. Same here! This was a fun post. I too would be pouting if I got mowed down by a line backer.
    I just signed on as one of your followers. Please do the same on my blog.


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