Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Watched Washer Never Boils

I think the saying is "a watched pot never boils". I'm not watching a pot but a clothes washing machine. Today I get to wash stacks and stacks of thick bath towels and I have more then one load to do. This wasn't on my list of things to do today but because of my carelessness, I have no one to blame but myself.

Turning on the spigot in the laundry room after plugging the drain, I left the room while  the sink filled and that was  my mistake. I didn't go back. I simply got busy doing something else and when I finally walked back into the laundry room, the laundry basket was floating. Inches of water covered the floor and the soiled laundry stacked in front of the washing machine was soaked.

After draining the sink, I grabbed armloads of towels from the bathroom and started soaking up the water. Lots and lots of water and lots of towels used and then those same towels had to be washed and hung on the line and that has wasted most of my morning. I hate making a mess when my goal was to clean this house. I have now lost any lead I might have had in getting housework done by noon.

The husband is changing the oil in the lawn tractor, mixing gas and filling up the gas cans. It's 61 degrees here and I think he is just happy to be outside. He made a trip earlier to fill up the gas cans and pick up a couple of ribeyes from Hebert's.

Hebert's sells some of the best steaks around. The meat case displays the ribeyes and the t-bones, seasoned or unseasoned. Cracklings are offered, sold in small brown paper bags. This little market has a steady stream of loyal customers.

At one time I would buy a rack of steaks and have them sliced at the supermarket, bring them home and freeze them to be cooked at a later date. I no longer do that and haven't since we discovered Hebert's. Now its a fresh steak cooked the day it is bought home and the difference is tremendous.

Tonights' menu, grilled ribeye steaks, cold asparagus, sauteed mushrooms and Texas toast. A bottle of Shiraz was opened and is being sipped while dinner is prepared. I'm sippin; the husband is grilling. A perfect meal for the spring like day here. The weather is supposed to be spring like for the coming week and all I have to say to that is "it's about damn time!

My nose tells me that the steaks are done. It's time to leave the internet. I'm hungry.


  1. At least your day ended a lot better than it started.

  2. When we have rain here, I have loads of towels to wash...those from our showers, old towels for wiping the mud from the dogs' feet when they've been outside, and others which mop up the water leaking from the windows. It drives me mad...and of course I can't get them dry till the rain stops!

    Those steaks sound fantastic!


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