Sunday, February 13, 2011


Shards of pain darting through my head, zinging against the optic nerve. Shutting my eyes against the light, I hide out on the sofa. The window blinds have been dimmed down. The room is quiet, the television sound softened to a buzz in the background. Occasionally I wake up and look around and shut my eyes to the light that makes the pain dart and richochet around my skull.
I'm not prone to headaches and this is not a migraine. The pressure builds behind my eyes and I'm charged with sinus pain.

It's at times like these that I'm happy to be part of the unemployed. I can't imagine going to a job that requires any thought and having to cope.
This sinus stuff is new to me and I think that it has progressively gotten worse as the years here in the south have accumulated. Tomorrow I will visit the pharmacy and sign out some Sudafed. Sudafed, as you are probably aware, requires a signature sign out and there is a certain amount that is alloted to each customer each month. This is to discourage those inclined to buy up a bunch of it to use in the making of meth.

How interesting huh? A blog on my sinus misery. Well, to that I say, this is my memory in black and white and this is my day.
As I follow the lines of this type across the page, I can feel the movement of my eyeballs as they roll to the right in their orbits to follow this typing. I think I'll call this a "done for the day" and go find the husband who is ..where else? but in the kitchen this time of day. It's fish and chips tonight. We caught a bunch of cod today at Sam's. I did make it to Sam's between the sofa slouching.
The dinner bell is ringing and I'm gone.


  1. I've always had problems with my sinuses and I hate that headache that accompanies it. I find it particularly bad if I lean really does feel like shards of glass! I also occasionally get migraine headaches...often similar but you can tell the difference because of the warning signs that appear before the onset of the pain. Not pleasant.

  2. You might want to think about what has been added to your environment that you are allergic to. I'm particularly reactive to high mold spore counts. Something that came on gradually over the years of living in a humid climate. (Ragweed in the fall ain't my friend either.)

  3. Buffalo: this started last March right after I had surgery on that heel... with the ears that wouldn't equalize pressure. I started taking some over the counter sinus med..not Sudafed though...and the ears improved a little. Now I think the sinuses are really plugged up...and it's not pollen time here! I started Sudafed today and will monitor it's effectiveness.
    Most of the people that live here have sinus problems and the doctors told me if I lived here long enought..eventually this humid enviroment would wreck havoc with my sinues.. guess it's time huh?


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