Tuesday, January 18, 2011

You Look Marvaaaaaaaaalous Darlin

I'm going to sound bitter and harsh...I know that before I even start this blog. I watched the Golden Globes last night. The next day, friends mentioned it to me and exclaimed "Did you see.......... and didn't she look great?"
Sprayed on cosmetics, false eyelashes, hair extensions,  plastic boobs, liposuction and Spanks, and there you have it. They looked wonderful.

They are dressed and paraded, their faces and bodies the epitome of the phase "their stock in trade."  I can't begin to imagine how any of these people could engage in a life known by the majority of the population as normal. To be targeted with cameras and fans and celebrity reporters losing all privacy must be  an intolerable way of living one's life. Maybe money and fame pays enough for what they trade.

I've always thought those big sunglasses were for disguise. I've changed my mind on that. I'm thinking they wear them to bed at night so they don't have to face that morning mirror without their makeup.  I think a facelift is a marvelous thing; I think more then one and the only thing that moves on your face is the lips.  To compete in "the business" it's a requirement, this maintence. Isn't that what we demand of them. Every youthful? Aging is taboo in our society. Who wants to see Betty White in a short skirt when Angelina Jolie is available.
I may think this about the movie stars but I would never gather them in a room and tell them this in front of crowds and cameras.  Ricky Gervais on the other hand would.
I understand that a comedian has his craft to practice but doing it while that person is sitting there with the cameras sweeping back and forth over them while Mr.Gervais skewers them on a personal level left me squirming. Oh, yeah. I laughed but at the same time, felt some sympathy for those he trashed. The stars may be egotiscal giants but  their base feelings, I feel, are not very different then ours.
To Bruce Willis, he said on introduction "and here is Ashton Kuchers father", and to Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp  "nobody has gone to see The Tourist" (their new movie). This doesn't cover all the remarks he made. I found it more then rude. Reactions are mixed. I wonder at the ones that thought this was acceptable. They weren't singled out. This year he promised to be more outrageous then last year and he made good on that promise. 

Will he be hosting next year? Do we really envy those stars that we enjoy being a party to this cruelty? I, for one, would prefer to see some gentle teasing and a whole lot less attacks for a laugh, uneasy as  that laughter was.


  1. Well I didn't watch so I can't really comment on Ricky Gervais' performance, but I would say that I think that British humour is often very different to American humour. There is a lot of irony in British humour, whereas American humour seems to me to be much more obvious..not sure that's the right word but I hope you know what I mean? I love Ricky Gervais..but then I am British but I can completely understand that Americans wouldn't necessarily appreciate the way that he oversteps the line at times.

    I doubt he'll be asked back there again!!

  2. I like Ricky Gervais..quick witted and funny he is. This is the second time I've seen him host the Golden Globes and this year he was more over the top then last.
    I was actually embarrassed for those he was making comments about. He was painfully truthful..that he was.


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