Thursday, January 6, 2011

Oh no! A Flatscreen.

I soloed today. I had the house to myself with not a soul to answer to and I knew I would have hours to waste before someone wondered where I might have got off to.
I did a weather check, my usual, by sticking my hand and arm out the door, waving it in a circular motion. I'm sure the neighbors across the street have noted this strange behavior on occasion. They haven't called to check so either they don't care about my well being or surmise I have strange habits.
I eventually headed for the shower then to the closet for something to wear. A brown velour jacket and pants and a burgundy long sleeved shirt was selected based on my hand waving.
I decided not to drive the roadster. I was going shopping for a television and though I was looking for a small  one for the kitchen counter, I drove the real car on this trip. A "real car" is one with both a front seat and a back seat and a big trunk which the roadster only boasts one of these.

Shopping for a television leaves me in a bad mood. I don't trust any of the flat screen TV's. Go ahead....Google what I have read on flat screens. Just type into Googles' search engine "complaints on Sony TV's". Then switch it up a bit and type in "complaints on Samsung TV's". It doesn't matter which company you check on, you will find a long list of horror stories on the flat screens. Class action lawsuits are being considered.

A little over 3 yrs ago I invested 1500.00 in one of them and just a little over 3yrs after purchasing, I'm loading it up to deliver it to the Goodwill store. An estimate on getting it fixed totaled 600.00. The only good thing about this story is since the price has dropped so dramatically since my purchase, I could buy a new one and the same size for 600.00.
I have lived long enough now to remember when one didn't have to purchase an extended warranty on a new purchase of an appliance. They would last longer then 3 yrs. It's some what  comforting to know that I can still plan on outliving most of the appliances on the market today, something my grandparents couldn't boast when they reached my age.

I'm saddened to load up the little 13" kitchen T.V. and deliver it to the Goodwill store. I have a bright shiny 22 inch flat screen occupying it's old spot on the kitchen counter. I've tagged the back of it with the purchase date. If it expires before I do, I will be right  back here bitchin and complaining. I promise.


  1. Electronicss are the birth-mother to extended warranties.

    Even in my truck, I only consider purchasing extended for the things that slide and heat seats and cool components that actually generate heat. Sigh. It ain't like the drive-shaft is gonna be what falls apart, right?

    I go with samsung because I can buy it really reasonably at Costco and they warranty pretty nicely on their own.

    Just bought a 50 inch to go in my basement so that my yoga instructor looks close to life-sized. Haha. But I've a 13 nd 15 yo in the house so hook up should be pretty much a piece of cake.

    I really like how you base your wardrobe selections!

  2. There is just no skill or quality involved in electrical goods's all mass produced rubbish, not built to last. I can't believe how many washing machines, fridge-freezers and cookers (and also TVs) we've had since I moved to Turkey 13 years ago. And don't get me going on electric kettles!!! I now have a hob kettle..I refuse to buy another electric one.

  3. Linda: I can't find the "old style" television and I refuse to buy a huge screen high priced flat screen. I buy a smaller screen cheaper one...and at least it doens't hurt as bad when it die on me..
    And what is sad is that our children accept this as "norm". (shaking head here)


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