Wednesday, January 26, 2011


We dodged the breeze. That breeze drove the 56 degree temperatures down to "chilled to the bone" fun and we had a few errands to do. You would think in a town that caters to the oil industry, buying work gloves would be a small chore. You would be wrong.
Across town we headed this morning to find the only place in this town of 200,000 people that sells work gloves. "Ya headed out?" the clerk asked as the request for two dozen gloves was placed. "Out" in reference to off shore and to which we had to deny. It's time to gather up the supplies in the event that hubby will he headed "out" later this week to New Mexico. Still unclear about where he will be staying, I don't know if I'll be making this trip or not but I have a suitcase that is being filled with warm clothes. 
I've topped off my iced tea tonight with an Ambien and I can feel it kicking in.

When the keyboard begins to move slightly away, my first clue that the Ambien is effective has arrived. Just for fun, I might slip out of bed and try to get to the kitchen for something to drink. It's one step forward, lean heavily to the left while picking up the right foot to move it forward. This causes me to lurch to left, do a two foot shuffle to regain my balance, stand for a moment and repeat the move. Usually it just isn't worth this much adventure to get a glass of water. Bouncing off the walls literally, I have to wonder if I'm really in need of something to drink.

Pulling the covers up against the cold, a pillow behind my knees, it's time to give up the battle to stay awake. I'm done.


  1. Maybe since the Government pays so many not to work that work gloves just aren't need to often.

  2. We've never got paid NOT to work...would like to give it a try. Where do we sign up?


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