Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's Sunday, It's Early, I Should be Asleep

There is  a chill in the air but I really expected it to be much worse this morning. It's Sunday and I'm not watching any football games today. I'm not that dedicated to it and since LSU played their bowl game and my Saints did what ever they did last night, which wasn't a lot, and were trounced soundly by the Seahawks, I'm done. I'm done until Monday night when the college championship game is played. I'll watch that one and root for Auburn.

What am I doing up at 0300? I moved to a guest room and flipped on the television. My thinking was watching TV would lull me back to sleep for a few more hours. After a few minutes, I gave that up also and moved to the sofa. Same plan, different area.
Nope, that didn't work either so I made my way to the kitchen and brewed a pot of coffee and that's where this post finds me.
In a few hours, the husband will be stirring around and if the client doesn't phone, he will be watching football games today. I won't. If rain isn't cluttering up the landscape, I intend to go exploring.

I've been toying with the idea of going back to school. It won't be classes directed toward a degree but classes I want to take based purely on interest. It appears that the University here has taken a 77% cut in funding in the past few years. Some departments have been totally eliminated. I can still deal with that but it's the parking that causes me to hesitate. A parking permit is 200.00. I may only want to take two classes per semester. My other option is to park off campus and wait for the shuttle that runs every hour. If it works out that way, I'll instead buy a bike rack for my car, park off campus and ride my bike to campus.  

Ah, too much to consider. Maybe I'm too lazy to consider the stress, the schedules and finally the cost.
I'll do a little research before I commit to anything.

I think I'll kill the lights and the TV and try to catch a couple more hours of sleep.

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  1. So what classes are you thinking of taking? A worthy ambition. I took adult classes in belly dancing, flower arranging, computers and water color painting.


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