Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh Man!.the Time Just Flys When You're Having Fun

I can't imagine living in Oregon or Washington state. It is raining here and that's alright with me. I like rainy days and having said that, I must qualify that statement.

The rainy days here have an end in sight. There isn't weeks and months of rain. I can understand how living day to day in a daily deluge might cause depression. I'm not there yet with our rains.
I've tuned in to movies on FX. I seldom have to worry about finding something to watch on the television as I've never been one to sit in front of a TV for long. Most of what is televised is new for me.
Reality shows make me want to scream. Cooking shows I'll watch as long as I'm not expected to be productive later. Cooking and travel combines the best of two viewings. Anthony Boudain was in Machu Pichau on this evenings show. I've never been but when he said "Cameras do not do it justice" I can understand his comment. Some places are so big and grand that seeing them in person is the only way to fully appreciate them.
A friend of mine finally marked Machu Pichau off  her bucket list. Last year at this time she made the trip and a week later the rain and land slides left towns stranded along with any tourists that didn't get out. A couple that sat at another table in a restaurant, they struck up a conversation and later worried that they hadn't made it out.
A few months later, my friend's husband was on stage performing in Memphis when someone in the crowd approached and caught his attention. Yep, it was one of the people they had met in the Andes. They had been stranded when the rains came and  made their way back down the mountain weeks later. Sometimes it really IS a small world.
 One week after my friends' return, she entered the emergency room here with a gangrenous appendix. Emergency surgery and a week's stay in the hospital, she was grateful the rains hadn't detained her in those mountains or her bucket list trip would have been at the bottom of that bucket.

and if this post wasn't bad enough at the start last night..I'm finishing it off this morning! 
I'm restless. It's time  and past time to take a trip somewhere. A call came in this afternoon for a job around Sante Fe, New Mexico. I may be packing for this one. There will be days of standby and plenty of time to head to Colorado for a few days. Getting the husband to drive to Colorado in mid winter might require I whine long and loud. Snow isn't something he misses.
He turned down a job to Germany, something I wasn't informed of in enough time to scream and shout and get tickets should I have won.

I could have been close to the Netherlands instead of sitting here in this office looking out upon our dreary rainy weather.
I'm off to finish that second pot of coffee. For some reason, I feel as though I can type really fast when I'm caffinated up; then I look up and note that my fingers have been far away from the home keys on this keyboard and it appears I have been typing in some form of code.
I'm outta here before typos creep in. I have a grocery trip to make. Last nights meal was scavaged from what could be found beneath a thin covering of mold. I told the husband mold had to be healthy. Scrape it off and we can make some penicillen later.
He shook his head and loaded a Tombstone pizza into the oven. I had the salad anyway.


  1. You were wrong for once there was nothing boring about this, remember some of your friends like me are really boring, I love them all.

  2. John: I would never describe you as boring! Thanks for visiting even when there isn't a lot happenin on a wet, cold winter day.

  3.'s quite hard finding something to write about on a lazy rainy day...I should know!

  4. Ah are having the same weather? I still prefer this over the blistering days of mid summmer here!


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