Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Say Goodnight Doris

I planted three roses yesterday. One is to replace the poor pitiful looking yellow hibiscus that became a victim of the latest hard freeze we had here last week.
This morning I'm wrapped in a blanket and I can hear the furnace doing it's job. I waved my hand out the door to confirm and yeah, it's cold out there. I won't base my dressing on that one temperature check, after all, it's early and the sun hasn't  moved into view yet.

I'm watching a special on the Mayan culture and predictions for our future and, well, it don't look good folks.  I might have to delve deeper into this subject. What to pack?  It's based on a 53 yr cycle and the  5th cycle is among us now; 1973 through Dec. 21, 2012.  I'll have to check my fingers and toes and do some ciphering.
I've lived long enough now to have memories of other doomsday prophecies; the Hale-Bob comet, the Jim Jones group, the group in Texas? Sadly, I've forgotten that leader's name and a quick search would get it for me but you know where I'm going with this. 
I'll be watching closely for folks building an escape route or succumbing to the inevitable and grouping together for some more purple kool aid. 
I'll be very careful of any groups I join in the coming year.
The day warmed up and I climbed aboard my bike for an afternoon ride. I wasn't in a hurry and the miles I rode were what got done today. I'm way off my usual distances on that bike and I didn't try to catch up, but rode for the feeling of being out in the sun and moving along. I made it to the daughter's house and stopped to say a quick hi to her and Carrie and I was off again. The next stop was a mile away and at Pat's for another hello. 
The night rolled along and eventually I ended up in the group FB chat room with the usual crowd. They zip into the room and back out again distracted by what is going on in their homes or on the net.  Stories are shared and laugher via many "lol's are shared. Silence dominates this little room. Voices are mute while nimble fingers dance across the keyboard to drop words and sentences into this little private area of the web. Friends from years ago are members and with an old history, some from child hood, they spin their tales both from times shared together to the years traveled seperate.
I smile as I watch the interchange, sometimes typing rapidly and sometimes to just observe, I try to stop in every evening when they gather. We all have a connection to each other. The main connection is the little town of Ripley, WV.  It's "hometown time" and a fun place to spend an hour or two or minutes if that is all you have to spare.
Say goodnight Doris. (an inside joke understood by the group) 

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