Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's Dolls Play

"My brain was broke a while ago." she says with a very serious face.  "Really?" I respond just as seriously. "And what happened when your brain broke?"

She tilts her head and smiles indulgently and says "It broke when I was dreaming." I nod and wait for more gems of  conversation. I never know when Carrie will offer up her version on how she perceives the world from her 5yr old station.

Some times I gently offer clarifications  if I notice she has veered off course and her knowledge base is becoming cluttered with information that may cause confusion if not corrected.

Yesterday she spent the day at her house. I visited and before she was aware I was there, I sneaked a peek into her bedroom to quietly observe her actions in her room.
She sat on the hot pink shag circular rug with her Barbie Dolls. She was faced away from the door where I stood and was oblivious of me watching. She was in earnest conversation with her friends as she tugged off their clothes to be replaced by whatever she chose for them to wear that day.

We had played with those same dolls yesterday. Doll play delivers a wealth of information and some of it can be an "eye opening", "gasp and keep your mouth shut experience". Married dolls were watched closely for dilly dallying with the single girl doll dressed in her slinky evening gown and tall pumps. Her Justin Beber doll was married, she says to a doll that much resembles her. The blond doll might be encroaching on her man. She was vigilant in her guarding and even had a face to face conversation between that dark haired doll and the blond. I listened as they agreed (the dolls) to be respectful of the marriage that existed and then she sent the blond off with Mr. Beber to wait for her while she went to work. Apparently she felt her conversation was enough to reinstate trust. I just listened and watched. Her doll play is as believable as those reality shows that are all the rage right now on television. I would rather watch Carrie's play.
I quietly and quickly backed out and slipped down the hall and out the door to my car.
Carrie was entertained and I was going to be childless which is the best way to get errands done. I had some shopping to do.

We didn't make it to the library yesterday. Maybe today. She won't be playing soccer either. After talking to the daughter, and finding that soccer dominates every weekend and isn't played during a weekday, it looks as though T Ball will be offered to Carrie.
I should be dressed by now. I've consumed a pot of coffee and I still sit here in front of the television news. This is posted and I'm done.

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