Saturday, January 29, 2011

To Pack or Not to Pack

I suppose the correct thing to say is "do I repack?" as I usually aways have a suitcase partially packed.

I'm trying to decide if I want to spend two days traveling and then  an unknown amount of days in Dulce, New Mexico.
This little village is 100 miles from Farmington and boasts a hotel/casino where we would be staying. The husband will be working on the Apache Nation reservation. The rig will actually be set up on the land belonging to the reservation so this has strict perimeters and restrictions. He just received via UPS a packet containing the sticker that will have to be displayed in his truck window to get onto the site.

We will have to leave early so he can get a pictured ID from the BIA in Dulce.

When I thought our destination would be Sante Fe, I had one foot in the truck and ready to roll. As time passed and more information was obtained, my excitement dwindled. Not to insult any residents of Dulce, you are not Sante Fe and unfortunately, you are too far away to make the walk. Walking and bike riding is not encouraged. We actually read this from some information from the tourist industry on the web. The reason?  The rate of drunk drivers in this part of New Mexico rates among the highest in the nation and I thought where I lived now held that distinction. But then again, it said rates "among the highest" so I'm surmising we are still in that golden ring of inebriated party folk. 

Decisions, decisions! The only decision I am sure of right now is the shower I'm going to enjoy and a bike ride a little later this day.
I'm gone!


  1. Flip a coin Heads you go Tails you stay! if it's Heads pack a big stick for protection!

  2. There will be no walks around town at dusk. Being run over would just spoil my trip.


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